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Han Tang Xin Ge Hotel Guilin is located in the famous scenic area of the two rivers and four lakes. This is the only way to the resounding Guobin Cave, Ludiyan. The hotel is within walking distance of the Taohua River. Watch the beautiful night scene of two rivers and four lakes. The hotel is about 1.5 kilometers away from the bustling commercial districts such as the Central Square, Smile Hall, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, and Central Square, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of travel.
Han Tang Xin Ge Hotel Guilin is a hotel of Guilin Hantang International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. The design style of the hotel combines Chinese-style design elements with modern and comfortable living concepts. The rooms are furnished in Chinese style according to the star standard. They are equipped with independent air-conditioning systems, LED LCD TVs, computers, and wireless Internet access. Serta) brings you high quality sleep.
The tour experience division of Guilin Hantang International Travel Agency designs a variety of special tourist routes for you with a brand-new travel experience. The 24-hour business center can provide fax, copy, send and receive emails, scans and other services according to your requirements. It is an ideal place for your leisure vacation, business or conference travel.
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  • crystallee11
    Nice hotel, service is great, very friendly, tourism product is also good, price ratio, will also go to if there is next time
  • ldm5008
    Service is very good, free schedule and go to attractions, also help to upgrade the room. environment is also good, facilities very good. that mm is impressive at the front desk, very nice, is our trip to Guilin saw the most beautiful scenery
  • JimLam
  • joannaliu1979
    Away from downtown also on 10 minutes car drive, hotel provides received car service. service attitude very enthusiasm, received car of master also very is responsible for, we from Yangshuo starting in road blocking has 1.5 hours, master also is is patience of waiting, to hotel Hou front desk waiter and enthusiasm for we introduced near dinner place, also repeatedly reminded out play note matters, very intimate, anyway is satisfaction once travel!
  • dms500
    To the railway station to meet our service very good
  • bb-cosjoy
    Very good hotel, tour, the only bright spot ...
  • baitu688
    Excellent service, facilities c
  • y99103
    From Dragon Ridge terrace out home people intends to to Cheung Pei Shan play along the set Cheung Pei Shan near of hotel but are full room has to last finally this hotel initially also worried away from attractions is far original is are not far since driving tour didn't pressure location also not hard to find parking to stopped to next of path there has staff RBIs is security but day somewhat bad staying of when found himself didn't with ID because recently liuzhou of thing Guilin of hotel tube have strict front deskOf beauty on arrangements car take we to police station open a proved also help I free upgrade has room II floor has a small restaurant and other hotel restaurant not as there is eat home cake not your we dinner 5 a people 131 Yuan breakfast 15 Yuan a people of buffet varieties not more but is delicious than many hotel breakfast strong room of device somewhat do old sense classical Chinese wind bed what are is clean WiFi strong day playing Typhoon is cold wash a hotWater bath comfortable of sleep a sleep second days fundamental didn't want to up hotel of service personnel are is enthusiasm active of asked we dinner has no returned to introduced authentic dish second days starting to Yangshuo because playing Typhoon Xia rain front desk of beauty also recommends we don't to Lijiang River has waste money to Xanadu compared good returned to we ready navigation does didn't introduced wrong addition Xia storm and cold hotel of staff also insisted help we moved luggage umbrella are is cover we noCover this service really first-class Guilin, next time I go to play it completely fails the second choice
  • moyongfan
    Hotel of service attitude is good, is enthusiasm. ahead of one days contact we station time, due to we in 11 holiday to of, help we free upgrade has room. Hotel II floor is restaurant, sent of offers coupon useless Shang. first days night on in downstairs restaurant eat of, price compared affordable. live has two late, check out to railway station front desk waiter contact has car on sent we past of station.
  • anyni
    1, enough!, as all of the praise before. 2, extremely rapid! ask questions immediately after solve. 3, breakfast a little single! 7/20 is not an egg, he went to the door and turn right 200 meters to eat mutton and rice, was pretty good, a surprise. 4, travel agencies, hotel is a very suitable for free family, next time will stay. 5, free vehicle the reed flute cave, take this thanks ... 6, mayUnrivalled after 10 o'clock is still noisy, mind changing rear view room suggested to contact the hotel in advance (I do not know whether it has).
  • e05411968
  • AmastasiaCwell
    Very good, free upgrade 1.5-meter family room, service was very good, next time
  • jay7911
    Nice, breakfast very good, only 15 Yuan value. Hotel Street, noisy in the morning.
  • R54170
    See has many evaluation only set of Han Tang, live has zhihou completely confirmed evaluation are is real of, room clean clean, bed products also very comfortable, with pictures completely as Oh. in II floor restaurant eat has breakfast, restaurant aunt very enthusiasm craft also is good, rice than Chong good of also delicious. hotel a floor also provides tickets of scheduled, tour, price cheap. to Lu flute rock Shi front desk has been in big door help taxi, big hot of days, is let people moved. to urban very convenient, taxi 9Dollars, there are 14 bus ... all in all everything was perfect, recommend everyone live in Han and Tang dynasty, much better than train station bus stop near the hotel, there is so much noise near the station, do not be misled by the map, Guilin is very small, the hotel is not far.
  • bobo1230
    Hotel staff are very friendly, always willing to help and have a pick up service is very convenient. hotel location slightly, but renovations and room size was good, the disadvantage is that a refrigerator and air conditioning is too loud, if it is light, easy wake up. air conditioning not cool enough, too thick quilt, always hot wake. overall impression was good.
  • xiaoyang11
    Hotel service is good, the environment is also very comfortable, hygiene in place. the price is moderate, it is worth staying.
  • bigbaob88
    Hotel clean, warm front desk service, hotels family travel agencies, have a peace of mind, next time will choose to stay.
  • flypig008
    Hotel front desk reception and full service Super Star, super high cost performance, returning from Yangshuo still choose this. it is worth recommending
  • jodydg
    At set this hotel is because see has more article comments, are mentioned good of health and quality of service, but heart also is skeptical., we real to has only feel does so; hotel provides received machine service, we aircraft late three hours, is late also still to received, staying Hotel Hou and free sent we to Moon Tower scenic; front desk service enthusiasm patience, rooms clean clean, bed is comfortable, anyway is satisfaction of experience.
  • Moli519
    The Han and Tang dynasties as its name, fitting new, construction, the environment is also very good, friends are pleased with the decoration of the hotel, the price is definitely worth, Oh, if you have friends to travel must recommend and find this hotel in the area makes people feel good, Oh, front desk service is absolutely good, warm and thoughtful manners! must praise it!
  • dolce
    Staying for the first time, a very good impression, the clerk gives good service very polite, very friendly, free shuttle, looks forward to store in Yangshuo, Guilin, next time I go to this!
  • BlueVelvetlv
    Service was surprisingly good, front desk was very friendly and recommended stay
  • mu7720
    Nice! great room ~ facilities are complete, clean environment! is very satisfied!
  • effie78
    Very good. environment particularly well. Services staff are also very nice. very satisfied.
  • Eripmavl bullying teacher
    Hotel is very good, we drive it's easy to find, the hotel has tourist routes, 4 of us add Yangshuo tour, to accompany a guide to us, well ... Hotel restaurant is also good, taste good, next time you come to this
  • Sago ~ ~
    In online see has n long, selected has this hotel, staying luxury family room. hotel provides has station, master (may is boss, that posture, haha) fine, we met Shang has late! we annually far of travel three to four times, General I will select staying international chain star hotel, in recent years also like select features Inn, so can said on live of compared picky. may zhiqian users evaluation too high, let I of psychological expected also too high has, into shop on some disappointed, main is on clothingWorks and room layout, no legend in the of so enthusiasm, room also just relative big points just. advantages is bath water is comfortable, air conditioning is to force, although in roadside but night sleep is is quiet, to Guilin Hou found also is since driving convenient, so take has Department car, next on can parking. I recommends hotel whether also can provides car rental service, Banna, tengchong there are provides of, to guest more a select, is convenient. windbag has so more, anyway, hotel also is worth staying of, butPlease bring normal, especially if you're like me live all kinds of good Hotel Inn.
  • jerry21
    This hotel is I live had service best of hotel, first service is too good has, put we Dang VIP treats, received machine sent station, on we proposed of shuttle requirements as meet, each bit staff on we are very enthusiasm, active regards, II floor of restaurant also compared cheap, bubble has a cup Lohan tea on falls in love with has, buy has many back. hotel opposite has home veteran rice very delicious, opposite has 14 Road public steam to zhengyang Street, is convenient. hotel has arrangements travel play of, Price than outside to cheap, reported has Yangshuo essence tour, arrangements of is compact, is Yangshuo compared essence of play, ten in Gallery of attractions on no necessary to has, can bike appreciate along of landscape. from Yangshuo back decisive also live here, front desk of several to I impression also very good, is has home of feel. Although is do tourism out of, but Hotel do of is also not poor Oh, wish you in national fast open chain, such yihou out on without selected hotel's!
  • Princeton_ m
    Location is a bit biased, taxis are hard to get to, drivers said that how to live so do not know the store. but across the river there is a large mansion said it knows, it seems that fame is relatively large. hotel service was very good, breakfast was delicious. great. also worthy of recommendation.
  • anjee
    Looks great, the rooms are clean, not noisy at night, the service was very helpful, 2 floor, breakfast very good, coming up from the station store sent a car to take us to the hotel, very happy.
  • laijunli
    Good service and airport train station free shuttle service
  • popo1987117
    Received machine master is on time, hotel lobby is to force, service attitude that called a leverage of, recommended we eat they hotel of breakfast, we didn't eat, hotel of waiter also is is enthusiasm of introduced to we a veteran rice shop to we eat, can said this rice shop is we in Guilin eat of best eat of most cheap of rice. no one of, is most delicious. hotel service is to force, has empty of situation Xia returned to we sent to of scenic. thanks.
  • Once More
    Good pull! the surroundings of the hotel is very good, and good character, free upgrade! did not believe that the online evaluation, but it's really good, hotel staff is very nice!
  • dingdang
    Thank you very much hotel hospitality, and hit a taxi in the morning also deliberately sent a car to take us to the train station, just catch the train! other service facilities are very satisfied! nice!
  • golf ren
    Nightmare General of a night! only live a night, second days morning on to Yangshuo. because is night of aircraft, and often late to second days morning, is so late on without live has. so select of is not need prepaid and guarantees of family room. Windows completely no noise! a 4 a adults share, like sleep in road side Shang as! lying in bed Shang 6, 7 hours, also on sleep has 2, 3 hours! we live of that row room all is towards road of, really not know other people howBear, where so much praise from! when checking out in the morning the next day, my husband said to foreman, foreman, money for breakfast, is compensation. I would prefer more money, don't want to live this kind of room! delay trip! Room is very old and looks than the downtown Jinjiang clean. in particular, the shutter curtains in the bathroom a few bad. because it was staying in the Middle, see the environment, nor seriously. the next morning, found opposite the residents room terrace, away fromFrom Windows about 6, 7 m, look at each other very clearly! scary!
  • e02324266
    Well, before the arrival of which received a pick-up from hotel phone, very warm. service very friendly and considerate. nice hotel good breakfast variety pretty much. is near from the bus stations, to reach the main attractions more convenient.
  • bbbbbbbbb
    Nice, nice, bed very comfortable.
    Easy to eat around
  • bonnieblue
  • daniy
    Hotel is very good, reception and dining room staff were very helpful, also very convenient travel, dining hall food affordable enough, say enough involves the increased drying rack in the bathroom (rope), so much the better!
  • dajun
    Very good, perfect, you must praise?
  • ALI123456
    Hotel is very new, hygienic, clean, convenient, staff friendly, very good!
  • e00123176
    Hotel was clean, service is very good, breakfast very good.
  • l135895
    Hotel is very good, free pick services very good. the problem is easy to eat around, going out to eat. second floor restaurant was very good, cost-effective services respond quickly. great!
  • vanessa lu
    Good location, comfortable room and clean, beds comfortable, bosses are very enthusiastic, complimentary to the bus station pick-up
  • a70952735
    Good as usual in all aspects! among other things provide a pick up service! staff is very kind, rainy day umbrella guest, attentive service!
  • gdswsam
    Service was quite good, free upgrade suite
  • Cyril
    Stay two nights before, again coming back from Yangshuo, the hotel gave us a free upgrade, thanks! this room the whole feeling is OK, very comfortable.
  • enlist
    Distance from the River, take a taxi 10 bucks. around the rather awkward dinner, eat at the hotel but, the price is not expensive ... room was clean, rooms at the hotel rise the Deluxe Business big bed room. the hotel lobby staff service attitude is good
  • bestmelon
    Big, comfy and open room, however, quite cold. Typical Chinese breakfast for 15CNY, which was not very good. Some of the staff spoke English. The best thing was the airport shuttle, they also brought us to the bus station at the end of our stay at no charge. They offered cheaper tickets for the sights. The location was ok, not in the center. However, there were some food places around and it's cheap to get go by taxi.
  • goofy
    Hotel service is good, when the high-speed rail station, help when you take a taxi, hotel very clean, overall nice!